Beat Brasserie

Cambridge, MA
We were honored to be retained by The Beat Hotel early in their efforts to convert an aged subterranean retail shoe store into a vibrant 360-seat American brasserie & jazz club. The immediate logistical challenge was to create a restaurant layout that would incorporate a mechanical system that was hindered by a 9’ clearance from existing concrete floor to concrete ceiling. The kitchen layout resulted in some “hard labor” required to hand excavate 400lf plumbing trenches through concrete slabs weighting 30+ tons, as well as, removal of two concrete bearing walls.
—Ashling Restaurant Devlopment & Construction
"...local artisans, carpenters and painters would become part of an on-site crew that would work seamlessly with a construction crew that focused on providing a building & ADA code compliant canvas. The touch of whimsy and placement of various outsider art, found objects and sculptures ensure that The Beat Hotel is a Harvard Square original and will always remain as such."

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