Cambridge, MA
The counters and tables are made of a smooth, shiny wood with natural-looking uneven edges. "We had this wood with the very first truck," said Muir. On the far end, there will be a "living wall" of plants."There's a lot more wood in Burlington," said Muir. In Burlington, we have wood siding and the ceilings and the stools. Here, we still wanted a little bit of warmth, so for the first time, we’re trying upholstery, which I think is working pretty well. I’m pretty excited about it."
Eater Boston | December 19, 2013
The "community table" on the left is meant to be "big enough that you wouldn’t feel awkward sitting with someone you didn’t know," said Muir. "Almost as big as a bar. Because sometimes groups gather, but sometimes just solo diners sit down.
Eater Boston | December 19, 2013

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