Red Bird

Waltham, MA
Red Bird occupies a compact space, with a few booths along one wall, a few tables adjacent, and a bar area on the other side of the room. The walls are lined with white and glossy black brick, the floors are a handsome dark wood, and the lighting is modern and streamlined. At the back of the room, beneath a sculpture of a cardinal perching on a silver branch, is a small kitchen closed in with glass panes, a window into just what a wild endeavor it is to run a restaurant. Inside, chefs move like human pistons, one can hear the terse patter of the expediter, attempting to get dinners to the tables. The hard work of cooking easy, tasty food for a crowd is on display.
Boston Globe
"I couldn't have made a better choice than to work with the team at Ashling. Their team is the best in the business. Their standards were in line with my own and it shows."
Dan Stokes, Owner, Red Bird


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