Smith & Wollensky

Boston, MA
Coming to Boston to build a monumental project like Smith & Wollensky at the Castle, I trusted my relationships to bring me to the right contractor, not the biggest. Ashling, Inc. are driven to maintain client budgets and work within the unwavering schedules, while somehow remaining flexible and creative. In everything Tom and I have done together since House of Blues in New Orleans to Smith & Wollensky in Boston, he continues to have the best Design/Build skills out there.

—Jim Dunn, President/Operating Partner — Smith & Wollensky
"The scale of ornamentation of its space challenge the vocabulary to come up with words — immense, monumental, extravagant are contenders — that do justice to its grandeur and resplendence. The restaurant extends over four floors, each one grander than the next. As befits an armory with historic roots, military and battle memorabilia — uniforms, flags, drums — are a large part of the décor."
The Improper Bostonian, February 23 — March 8, 2008

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