Strip by Strega

Park Plaza Boston MA
STRIP by Strega is a high-energy concept designed by CKI Design Studio for restaurateur Nick Varano that fuses together the look and feel of a sophisticated, uber-modern steakhouse with that of a sleek, high-end lounge. STRIP by Strega is the closest thing to Las Vegas in Boston with its curved ceilings, retractable walls for VIP dining rooms, a DJ booth that floats over a staircase and two bars. The lighting, glass, mirrors and chandeliers all create a sparkling gem.
The DJ just turned up the volume. The bar area flickers in the incandescent blue of a camera flash: a party to remember. People settle into curved white booths. Oversize white calla lilies arc beneath a ceiling covered in undulating white panels. There is enough female skin on display at STRIP by Strega that the name at first seems to reference both a cut of steak and the removal of clothing. But that is missing the real double entendre. This is the most Vegas spot in all of Boston
Boston Globe Staff July 7, 2015

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